The "Lost and Found" page is a page I created when I started the magazine back in 1999.  It was a term I used for apparatus that was sold from one fire company to another fire company or private entity.  On the following pages ( tabs below "Lost and Found" on the top menu) will be a list of fire apparatus that has been sold or donated (or so I was told).  I am looking to find out where each of those particular rigs ended up and what year.  If it was sold to another fire company, please let me know what fire company and state.  If it was sold to a broker (which a great number have been), let me know the broker and if you know where they sold it to.  And if it went to a private entity, just let me know where  (i.e. collector, local sawmill, scrapyard, etc.).  I know alot of rigs went "down south", which helps but that is quite a vast area.

      I am also sure there are plenty of apparatus from across the state that have been sold that I didn't even know about.  The other thing that is a huge help is to find out how much that particular rig sold for, especially if it went to another fire company.  

      All information can be sent to the email at  on the contact page or message us on our Facebook page.  We welcome any information from fire companies and buffs alike.  The more eyes out there, the better. 

Thanks for all the Help!!!  -  Todd Lincoln