KYKOR Pre-Owned Fire Apparatus came about when I was publishing the Keystone State Fire Apparatus News. I had the opportunity to visit fire stations all across the Keystone State and very often came across a company that was trying to sell a good pre-owned piece of apparatus.  The magazine was doing very well until an unfortunate accident took the life of my printer.  That was a big blow since he kept our costs to a minimum.  After his untimely death we tried to find other printers with similar capabilities and cost effectiveness.  Obviously we couldn't.  The other big factor was our US Postal Service that kept raising the bulk mailing rates and making it harder and harder to even qualify for bulk mailing rates.  We had limited advertising, to keep the magazine as true as we could.  I decided to take the magazine online, which now makes it free to everyone.  But at the same time it also gave me a forum to help me market fire apparatus for fire companies.  Of course there are already hundred of "brokers" out there, but none that have seen as many Pennsylvania fire companies and know how these particular apparatus are taken care of on a daily basis.

               My name is Todd Lincoln and I am the Editor and Producer of this website.  I have been a volunteer firefighter for over 35 years and a fire apparatus enthusiast for over 40 years.  My team of co-editors from across the state help provide accurate information for the readers.  We also encourage feedback on information that may be wrong or missing.  This is what makes this hobby so interesting.  The amount of apparatus in the state of Pennsylvania alone, both former and current, is astounding.  With well over 2000 fire companies that currently protect this great state, there are numerous pieces of apparatus from each, some many.  So to keep track of all of them is a phenomenal task

                 That is why I am lucky to have friends from across the state that are willing to help me make this website the success that the magazine was.    But enough with that, we now have our website and are continuing to bring new and historical information regarding all the fire companies in Pennsylvania.